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4 min readNov 12, 2021


We invite all designers to create and sell fashion NFTs joining the creator economy.

Hello creative soul! Regina and the ARTISANT team here.

We launched our fashion NFT marketplace three months ago, and we have already sold 61 items worth 16ETH (= $73 000).

We always loved digital fashion, and now we are crazy about the NFT world too. And we are dedicated to helping you become a part of the future metaverse fashion!

We want to help you create and promote your fashion NFTs.

That’s why we have made some major improvements to our platform to welcome you to the future of fashion.


We open a possibility to mint the fashion NFTs for all designers.

We’ve launched ARTISANT showcasing only 13 designers, wonderful artists, and our closest digital fashion friends. Over the last two months, we have seen the extensive development of digital fashion. Now we are dedicated to helping all the talented artists become a part of the new world!

We are happy to offer you a space where you could monetize your art, find new collectors and friends.

We have a very strong and fast-growing community of NFT collectors who love our platform and come to Artisant to find new digital fashion art investment opportunities. We would love to connect you with them!

FYI! This week we are also announcing our first designers’ contest where you could win free minting on our platform. Now minting cost varies from $90 to $300, and the Artisant contest is a great opportunity to begin your path in the metaverse fashion world. Please read more here and consider joining right now!

We share knowledge.

Connecting talents with buyers and simplifying the experience we aim to help designers and grow the market of digital fashion extensively.

At ARTISANT you could find useful educational content, learn more about creating digital clothes, study tutorials on NFTs and blockchain, get advice on art promotion, and discover community insights.

We give you tools.

Our free pack of blank fashion items will help you to start up on the digital fashion market. You could download 3D files of garments and use them in your work.

We would love to make it easier for you to join the growing digital fashion NFT market.

We improved the user experience.

Platform UX/UI become more intuitive — now it’s easier to mint NFTs, to find new artworks, collectors, and friends.

A new chart of top collectors and artists reflects changes and progress.

We are loved.

Read what designers say about ARTISANT:

Ilyas Darakchiev, ISDKV

“Artisant is a great community of digital fashion artists, and it is growing fast in front of our very eyes! I love that I know many of the designers personally. I am sure they have a big future ahead!”

Stephy Fung

“Artisant is lovely, I’m very happy with my experience. It’s important to have a platform for digital fashion. Artisant is really at the forefront for that. I love that it welcomes new artists who want to dive into digital fashion”.


“Artisant’s focus on fashion NFTs has been a benefit to artists and buyers. The platform’s fees are reasonable, and the interface is intuitive and gives the artist the freedom to upload their work and set minimum auction pricing”.

Filippo Ghisleri

“Artisant is a unique platform, I love it! It presents the ultimate solution for artists & collectors interested in digital fashion! Artisant is my favorite platform, the staff is prepared for any eventuality!”

We are looking forward.

Digital fashion opens doors for designers from every part of the world. Digital fashion means eco-creativity, endless experimenting, and discoveries. We are very excited about the future of Artisant and looking forward to developing digital fashion together with you.

Start up in digital fashion NFT world now


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